Hitting CoachAndy Abad392 
Pitching CoachTerry Abbott5719 
Hitting CoachGlenn Adams6424 
Bench CoachJesus Alfaro5316 
Scouting DirectorTom Allison475 
General ManagerSandy Alomar Sr.6829 
Bench CoachJoe Alvarez5716 
Pitching CoachBrad Arnsberg4814 
Pitching CoachCarlos Arroyo5320 
ManagerGord Ash607 
ManagerAllard Baird507 
Hitting CoachBrian Baisley293 
Hitting CoachSal Bando689 
Scouting DirectorEddie Bane607 
Bench CoachKimera Bartee391 
General ManagerBill Bavasi5412 
General ManagerJim Beattie577 
General ManagerLarry Beinfest547 
Pitching CoachTim Belcher501 
Bench CoachMike Bell373 
Hitting CoachRobert Bell485 
Hitting CoachTodd Benzinger4912 
-Ned Bergert477 
Hitting CoachSean Berry463 
Hitting CoachTom Beyers5310 
Pitching CoachCraig Bjornson425 
Bench CoachMarc Bombard6225 
Pitching CoachRicky Bones445 
General ManagerCam Bonifay599 
Pitching CoachMiguel Bonilla387 
Hitting CoachThad Bosley5511 
General ManagerJim Bowden5116 
Hitting CoachChris Briones395 
Bench CoachRico Brogna422 
Bench CoachTom Brookens5817 
Scouting DirectorDana Brown587 
Hitting CoachRoosevelt Brown363 
Hitting CoachJerry Browne4612 
General ManagerBrian Butterfield5424 
Bench CoachJuan Cabreja512 
Pitching CoachMickey Callaway372 
Hitting CoachJoe Cannon5824 
-Roger Caplinger5111 
Hitting CoachJose Carreno342 
Pitching CoachLance Carter371 
Pitching CoachBill Castro581 
Pitching CoachMike Cather415 
Scouting DirectorDavid Chadd494 
Scouting DirectorRoy Clark529 
Bench CoachWes Clements5420 
Bench CoachStan Cliburn5521 
Hitting CoachAlan Cockrell4910 
Pitching CoachMark Connor6336 
-Stan Conte5215 
Pitching CoachBrian Cooper374 
Hitting CoachCecil Cooper624 
Pitching CoachReid Cornelius427 
General ManagerPat Corrales7120 
Hitting CoachHenry Cotto516 
Scouting DirectorEd Creech5914 
Hitting CoachTerry Crowley6523 
Bench CoachJose Cruz6411 
Pitching CoachJohn Curtis6422 
Bench CoachBill Dancy6021 
Pitching CoachPat Daneker362 
Pitching CoachDanny Darwin5610 
Bench CoachDoug Dascenzo4711 
General ManagerJeff Datz526 
Pitching CoachMark Davis5110 
Hitting CoachBrian Dayette5521 
Bench CoachSteve Decker465 
Bench CoachBrent Del Chiaro321 
Bench CoachJoe DePastino384 
General ManagerPaul DePodesta397 
Hitting CoachCesar Devarez425 
Bench CoachBob Didier6332 
Bench CoachGary DiSarcina445 
Hitting CoachJeff Dominguez250 
Pitching CoachTravis Driskill401 
Pitching CoachDave Duncan6629 
General ManagerJim Duquette525 
Hitting CoachMike Easler6119 
Bench CoachChad Epperson403 
ManagerTheo Epstein388 
General ManagerDan Evans524 
Bench CoachJose Flores382 
Bench CoachTim Foli6124 
Pitching CoachBob Forsch621 
Hitting CoachAndy Fox410 
Hitting CoachOrv Franchuk6832 
Bench CoachTerry Francona5311 
Bench CoachTravis Fryman436 
Scouting DirectorCarmen Fusco6633 
Pitching CoachRich Gale5817 
Bench CoachTom Gamboa6424 
Hitting CoachAdrian Garrett6930 
Hitting CoachMario Garza311 
Bench CoachCito Gaston6828 
General ManagerPat Gillick7427 
Bench CoachMike Goff493 
Hitting CoachLeo Gomez4611 
Bench CoachRene Gonzales518 
Pitching CoachGoose Gregson6216 
General ManagerTom Grieve6411 
Hitting CoachSandy Guerrero4610 
Hitting CoachGiomar Guevara395 
ManagerOzzie Guillen487 
Hitting CoachJerry Hairston Sr.603 
Hitting CoachDave Hajek448 
Bench CoachDeMarlo Hale5014 
Pitching CoachJohn Hall5318 
Bench CoachMike Hargrove6215 
Pitching CoachDoug Harris466 
Hitting CoachLenny Harris473 
General ManagerJohn Hart6316 
Pitching CoachBryan Harvey4910 
Hitting CoachNathan Haynes321 
Hitting CoachRichie Hebner6422 
-Brad Henderson5112 
ManagerJim Hendry568 
Pitching CoachChuck Hernandez5110 
Bench CoachMoe Hill6525 
ManagerA.J. Hinch383 
Hitting CoachKenny Holmberg292 
Bench CoachJim Horner384 
Pitching CoachCharlie Hough6412 
Bench CoachArt Howe6514 
Hitting CoachJack Howell500 
General ManagerGerry Hunsicker6211 
Hitting CoachElwood Huyke7431 
General ManagerBrandon Hyde385 
Hitting CoachAnthony Iapoce383 
Hitting CoachRiccardo Ingram4511 
Hitting CoachRon Jackson5918 
General ManagerDave Jauss554 
Bench CoachTrent Jewett4815 
Hitting CoachHoward Johnson517 
Scouting DirectorJoe Jordan484 
Hitting CoachVon Joshua6428 
General ManagerStan Kasten600 
Pitching CoachJoe Kerrigan5724 
Pitching CoachRick Knapp5116 
Pitching CoachChuck Kniffin6122 
Bench CoachFrank Kremblas4513 
General ManagerWayne Krivsky573 
Bench CoachTony La Russa6732 
Bench CoachTim Laker426 
General ManagerChuck LaMar5511 
Bench CoachBarry Larkin480 
Pitching CoachDave LaRoche6425 
Bench CoachTom Lawless5517 
Bench CoachAaron Ledesma412 
Bench CoachJim Lefebvre7032 
Hitting CoachJim Lett6118 
ManagerThad Levine409 
Pitching CoachDennis Lewallyn5820 
Bench CoachNick Leyva5830 
Bench CoachCarlos Lezcano5624 
Bench CoachSixto Lezcano5822 
General ManagerSteve Liddle534 
Pitching CoachDoug Linton464 
Bench CoachNelson Liriano4810 
Bench CoachPat Listach549 
General ManagerDave Littlefield517 
Hitting CoachDon Long5821 
Hitting CoachJuan Lopez6316 
Hitting CoachLuis M. Lopez413 
Bench CoachTorey Lovullo469 
Hitting CoachLou Lucca411 
Pitching CoachSteve Lyons5214 
Scouting DirectorChad MacDonald4110 
Bench CoachKen Macha616 
ManagerAndy MacPhail5914 
Pitching CoachCalvin Maduro371 
Pitching CoachDennis Malave322 
Hitting CoachJohn Mallee4314 
General ManagerKevin Malone546 
Bench CoachChris Maloney5020 
Bench CoachJerry Manuel5825 
Hitting CoachDamon Mashore425 
Hitting CoachJulius Matos373 
Hitting CoachLee May4414 
-Frank McCourt5819 
Hitting CoachTom McCraw7130 
Hitting CoachDonzell McDonald372 
Bench CoachJoe McEwing392 
Pitching CoachScott McGregor5818 
-Drayton McLane Jr.7513 
Bench CoachJohn McLaren6022 
Scouting DirectorJason McLeod425 
ManagerHal McRae6618 
Pitching CoachRusty Meacham442 
Hitting CoachRicardo Medina404 
Hitting CoachSergio Mendez387 
Hitting CoachFrank Menechino412 
Pitching CoachSteve Merrirman446 
Hitting CoachDoyle Miller413 
ManagerOmar Minaya5323 
-Gene Monahan7546 
-Jeff Moorad489 
Hitting CoachFrancisco Morales394 
Hitting CoachJohn Moses5414 
Bench CoachBill Mosiello475 
Pitching CoachDan Murray385 
Pitching CoachJamie Navarro452 
General ManagerKim Ng440 
Bench CoachGreg Norton391 
Hitting CoachAbraham Nunez350 
ManagerDan O'Brien514 
Hitting CoachSherman Obando423 
Bench CoachKen Oberkfell5616 
Hitting CoachAlex Ochoa401 
Hitting CoachBen Oglivie6317 
Bench CoachHector Ortiz424 
Bench CoachLuis Ortiz5325 
Bench CoachEric Owens414 
Bench CoachLarry Parrish5819 
Pitching CoachKen Patterson4711 
General ManagerAl Pedrique5115 
Hitting CoachRudy Pena331 
Hitting CoachTerry Pendleton528 
Bench CoachSam Perlozzo6124 
General ManagerSteve Phillips497 
Pitching CoachJeff Pico4615 
Scouting DirectorJ.J. Picollo415 
Bench CoachLou Piniella6823 
Bench CoachBill Plummer6518 
Pitching CoachDick Pole6110 
Hitting CoachTerry Pollreisz6515 
Hitting CoachAlonzo Powell478 
Pitching CoachTom Pratt6122 
Bench CoachLuis Pujols5621 
General ManagerTim Purpura543 
Bench CoachMike Quade5519 
Bench CoachMatt Quatraro387 
Hitting CoachLuis Quinones5013 
Bench CoachWillie Randolph574 
Hitting CoachFloyd Rayford5416 
Hitting CoachRandy Ready5211 
ManagerTony Reagins443 
Bench CoachJody Reed494 
Pitching CoachDaniel Ricabal396 
ManagerJ.P. Ricciardi528 
Bench CoachGreg Riddoch6631 
Pitching CoachMark Riggins5522 
Hitting CoachWuarnner Rincones384 
Bench CoachSteve Roadcap5117 
Hitting CoachLeon Roberts6126 
Pitching CoachDewey Robinson571 
Bench CoachGary Robinson5924 
Hitting CoachRick Rodriguez5116 
Bench CoachDan Rohn569 
Pitching CoachRon Romanick5112 
Pitching CoachKen Rowe7834 
Bench CoachPaul Runge5417 
Pitching CoachErik Sabel375 
General ManagerBob Schaefer6815 
Hitting CoachRick Schu502 
ManagerMark Shapiro447 
Pitching CoachJim Shellenback6831 
Bench CoachAndrew Shirley4311 
Hitting CoachDerek Shumpert363 
General ManagerTed Simmons6220 
Hitting CoachJim Skaalen5726 
Pitching CoachJim Slaton6222 
Pitching CoachJoe Slusarski457 
ManagerBill Smith5422 
Scouting DirectorRandy Smith5910 
Scouting DirectorRoy Smith500 
Hitting CoachDanny Solano362 
Hitting CoachShane Spencer402 
Bench CoachTom Spencer6125 
Hitting CoachTodd Steverson407 
Bench CoachKelly Stinnett420 
General ManagerBill Stoneman6811 
Pitching CoachMel Stottlemyre Jr.480 
Bench CoachRick Sweet5925 
Hitting CoachTony Tarasco416 
Hitting CoachGene Tenace6525 
Bench CoachTim Teufel538 
Hitting CoachMilt Thompson5311 
General ManagerTim Tolman5620 
Hitting CoachDave Tomlin6321 
Pitching CoachRandy Tomlin4612 
Bench CoachJoe Torre7229 
Bench CoachDave Trembley604 
Hitting CoachEric Valent352 
General ManagerTy Van Burkleo4812 
Hitting CoachGary Varsho5111 
Hitting CoachJorge Velandia375 
Hitting CoachMax Venable5516 
ManagerEd Wade5610 
Bench CoachMatt Walbeck426 
Pitching CoachPete Walker434 
Bench CoachTim Wallach545 
General ManagerTye Waller5520 
Hitting CoachJay Washington282 
Bench CoachJerry Weinstein6827 
Pitching CoachJohn Wesley311 
Pitching CoachGary Wheelock6026 
Pitching CoachWally Whitehurst4812 
ManagerErnie Whitt6016 
Pitching CoachMark Wiley6416 
Bench CoachBobby Williams353 
Hitting CoachDallas Williams5420 
Pitching CoachMatt Wise361 
General ManagerPeter Woodfork363 
Hitting CoachJoel Youngblood6018 
Hitting CoachAlan Zinter443 
Hitting CoachRichie Zisk6324 
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